-blooming and versatile makeup artist

And again we’re back, with some more ideas for your wedding to turn into pure awesomeness. Here is a blooming makeup artist who marked a wonder within such a short span of time and her work is truly love. Don’t believe us? Let’s go through then what she has for us. TamannaTanna is the one we’re talking about, a passionate makeup artist has some *boom boom* artistry for us here,

Breaking the cliché of all red and gold Tamanna is here with much of pastels for this bride. Isn’t she looking great?  Indeed! She is looking so wonderful with those pastel eye shadow and cool jewelry.

Another one for a reception/party you could go for is so amazing. These are the perks of having a flexible makeup artist who loves to beautify you! Tamanna knows what to do with your face!

Now that *oomph* effect we could see here for this bride! Aren’t you getting those thrills? This makeover is just fantastic!

We’re totally in love with this look of Maharashtrian bride who looks so lovely with her magical laugh! We’re sure you too are so mesmerized with the same.

From traditional to glamour, Tamanna is so versatile for all the makeovers. This one is so glamourous with a sizzling smile that would bring a smile on you as well!

So girls, Aren’t these looks setting some major bridal goals for you? Aren’t you wanting to have the same for you? Then don’t forget to book TamannaTanna for your wedding as well. Let us know which one was your favorite look here in the comments below.

May your day shine as bright as your eyes! Keep smiling!

Buzz Tamanna on  +91-7400099459 or write her on info@magicbrush.co.in / tamanna@magicbrush.co.in and don’t forget to follow her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tamanna.tanna.10

All picture credits- http://magicbrush.co.in/

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