-go gaga over amazing brides

This makeup artist doesn’t need any introduction as she is a star, and had been making her brides lives amazing by adorning them to their best at their d-days. So if you don’t wanna risk it out that how you gonna look at your day, you have to look at this! Roshni Safir, yes, the all famous one, had been making brides shine like anything. Let’s not miss it out and have a look at those shining gems!

Such a pretty one, she shines in all glory and her eyes and makeup is all perfect as it should be! Roshni did a great job here!

Looking beyond pretty, Oh boy! This bride is stunningly amazing. All credits to Roshni for making her up. Those greens and blues look fabulous on her and we are completely swooning over!

Holding on to this bride-so-shy as she looks adorable in that makeover and her smile says it all!

Here is an elegant one with those morning dew hues and we’re completely crushing over her and not getting enough of it!

Look at those amazing eyes that look for her bae for sure and surely to make him go weak in knees with those bridal makeovers!

She looks as pretty as the sun and moon and seems as the stars shine on her on her day! Well we already told you how perfect Roshni is and her magic wand for her brides!

Already enchanted? We knew that! Roshni is such a makeup artist, you just can’t ignore this, but planning to get her back for your day, aren’t you? So what do you think? Let us know which bride was your favorite in the comments below!

Let your day shine like your makeup! Keep smiling!

Book Roshni on roshnisafir@gmail.com

Follow her on her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/Makeup-by-Roshni-Safir and instagram page on https://www.instagram.com/roshnisafir

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