-best party makeup for bridesmaids

We’ve all grown up discussing and planning our best friend’s wedding, chalking out a list of things we’ll do on her day and definitely making our day eventually. So your best mate is getting hitched and your fashion savvy brain is having a hard time thinking about what to wear and what type of makeup you’ll be putting on, probably in the budget of your time and money.  Sounds like a task right? As the bride’s best friend, you’re sure to catch everyone’s attention. Well then why are we here? Probably your makeup and hairdo becomes our challenge now and we’re sure to get your back! Zorains Studio, by Zorain Khaleeli is back here with a few party makeup ideas for you on your bestie’s wedding.

One in your mind kind of makeup, isn’t it? This bridesmaid is looking so pretty with that beautiful makeup on! Totally going with that attire!

The jewelry should be coordinating with that makeup you put on and so is here on this lady who shines and is sure to catch all those eye balls out there!

You should look gorgeous more than you look traditional and here this bridesmaid shows it in all swing as she looks so pretty in that best makeover!

Why be minimalistic, after all it’s your bestie’s wedding and you are the star, have a makeup like her and you’ll grab all the attention. This dusky makeup with smoky eyes is taking our heart away.

If you are a person who loves colors then why not show it off, and the best way after your outfit is your makeup. Have those beautifully eye shadow with vibrant lip shade and let go off like her!

Gold never goes out of trend and when it’s rustic gold it looks more wonderful, have a look at this mesmerizing beauty that is sure to kill by her amazing looks.

Well ladies, you are now armed with the best looks you could have on your bestie’s day and Zorains are here to always help you out, so why not book them before the time flies! So be stress free and don’t forget to tell us who is your favorite among them!

Keep shining! TIA!

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