This blog is a pure dedication to the festival of Love-Valentines Day!

It's a time to celebrate the warmth of this purest feeling. From coffee dates, to those groovy times, to the romance in the rain… Love remains, it never ceases to exist.

This occasions calls for some filled d'amourshots (I mean pictures <wink><wink>)

And Fhotofocus Photography have given us those gorgeous couple pictures which are highly infused with romance.

So without much ado, let's kick off the festivities by falling in love, all over again.

We all want a big romance in the rain, admit it!

And bringing in the Aashiqui nostalgia, Fhotofocus Photography gets us all mushy.

Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease
When we dance you have a way with me
Stay with me, sway with me…

His heart whispers, “You are the sun to my day, the breeze in my sky, the calm of my ocean and the beat of my heart.” Her eyes says,”And you are mine”.

Don’t we all love the sublimity of LOVE.

And whatsmore glorious and awe-inspiring that romance captured in the most timeless way- Monochromatic a.k.a Black and white photography.

Some loves like the one below, is sponsored by coffee.

Holding hands, looking in each other’s eyes over a warm cuppa filled to the brim with L.O.V.E... Definitely sounds like a perfect Valentines Date, captured to perfection by our talented peeps at Fhotofocus.

Woah! Cupid has surely struck us after looking at this beautiful selection of adorable pictures of some ultra romantic couples.

So to capture your moments of Love, do not waste a single moment and get in touch with the amazing Lensmen at Fhotofocus Photography, who are totally in your element. Believe us!!

Drop in a email with them at

Or give them a buzz at 8879173649

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