-dewy, dreamy, and gorgeous makeovers for your big day

So it’s this time of the year again, though this is the *love* month for all of us, you need to look pretty all the time! Let’s make everyday a loving memory for you and this is what we’re here for. And if it’s your big day you’re surely wanna make your Bae go cloud9 by your amazing makeovers. Anam, this time is here to give you more ideas for your Love look. Let’s go then, and catch those lovely looks.

This one is from the very recent reception makeup by Anam, she knows well how to entice your Bae and therefore those bluish hues all around!

We love how she perfectly adorns brides for their apt occasions. This one is for the mehendi/sangeet function that falls truly in place.

The party makeup never goes out of trend and here is one of them, adorned diva for her party to give a bang on the day! We truly love all those hairdos here!

We love the dreamy look for this bride-to-be here, such a dewy makeup for her surely gonna make her Bae go weak in knees!

This girlie girl looks fabulous for her day and is killing it! Every bride dreams of such a makeover for her.

Not just the dewy and subtle ones, this one goes far beyond and looks so glamourous with hottie-hot looks. We love her eyes and those winged eyeliners with a subtle twist at the end.

There is something magnificent about the color turquoise and it’s been done very right here. How lovely is the play of colors for her eyes done.

The combination of pink and silver has it’s own beauty and when done rightly it makes one shine throughout! Here’s this lady creating such wonders!

Isn’t Anam a gem? She makes you a gem, don’t you wanna get her this time for your lovely makeover? Definitely a yes! Don’t wait and book her for your day and you are a step away from getting those glamourous thrills for your own! Let us know what look you’re gonna prefer for this season of love.

May you all lovely ladies shine as bright as your makeup! Keep smiling!

Buzz her at 08082645617 and don’t forget to follow her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/anamsmakeover/

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