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All the brides in the house listen up! We have a new entry for today into the group of our all talented makeup artists and the work of this MUA will blow your mind! Pehal Ahuja is the name, and she is just awesome. She is a pro in adorning brides of all kind and we aren’t getting over her work and want to share it with you all!

Today’s trend of makeup is not too flashy one but the one that goes little subtle yet gorgeous. So with some glitter over eyes and shine on face it all goes one on one! And Pehal knows it so right!

This Christian bride has got all that in her, from beautiful eyes to gorgeous lips and that smile just takes everyone’s heart away!

Pehal knows how to match that beautiful jewelry with the makeup she does. And here is an awesome example of her amazing work.

Do you want to see the epitome of true silent beauty? This lady is a great example; Pehal had so beautifully adorned her for her wedding. Isn’t that great?

This makeup artist is so pro that she makes her brides look beautiful in the most simple way and you just can’t ignore it! Look at that sweet munchkin with the most adorable smile, in red.

From mid-bold to soft hues Pehal knows how to be with all kinds of face shapes, here this bride looks so mesmerizing with honest makeover for her.

Pehal completely justifies her talent with the work she does and so what are you thinking? Probably planning to book her for your day, isn’t it?  Don’t forget to let us know which one was your favorite from the above, in the comments below.

May your smile be as bright as your makeup! Keep shining!

Don’t forget to buzz her for booking on 088612 64897 and follow her facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/pg/PehalAhuja 

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