Here are some of her hairstyles which we have listed for you.

Bridal hairstyle has always been a major concern for any maiden.

From updos to braids, there are so many hairstyles which can give you brain freeze.

This is the moment when you might want someone who by taking one glance at you, can give you that perfect hairstyle which is just right for your face as much as it goes with your personality.

Now you don’t need to be the Bollywood heroine to don that perfect hairdo.

It is just a call away. How, you may ask. Well, Makeup and hairstylist PushpaKrishnappa is an artist who is skilled in this divination.

Here are some of her hairstyles which we have listed for you. Curious much?? Go ahead with your read then…

How chic does this hairstyle looks! A sleek, side swept updo with hair swirled back and secured in a bun. Recreate this magic with Mua Pushpa and look stunning.

Since ages flowers in hair have been a thing. And roses artfully tucked in this bride’s bun looks ethereal and adds a touch of romance to the air.

This simple and delicate side swept hair style adds just the right amount of whimsy to the whole look. 

This beautiful piece of ornament is like a jewel to this bridal bun.

This fuss free hairstyle totally spells ELEGANCE!

These intricate hairdos incorporates equal amount of chic and trendy, making all the brides effortlessly beautiful.

So, all you brides-to-be if you are looking for someone to give you spectacular hair on your wedding day, get in touch with Pushpa Krishnappa at 098451 29086 and look like a walking angel.



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