The credits for this much happiness goes to MUA Meerra Mevawala

Curtain rises and a very happy but overwhelming bride walks down the aisle. The guests stand up and watch in awe as her divine beauty shines through her flawless makeup and as her face brightens up with a breathtaking smile floating on those fine lips.

The credits for this much happiness goes to MUA MeerraMevawala of the makeup studio Magic Mirror.

The lady is a true artist who has managed to give each and every bride of hers that fabulous beam.

Today, we have cherry picked some of her looks to prove that makeup can be a bride’s BFF, if done right…

“and he found his cure in her smile…”

Yes! That’s what is going to happen once the groom lays his eyes upon this mesmerizing traditional bride. The kohl rimmed eyes are glistening and scarlet lips are perfected in the most gorgeous curve.

The soft tendrils framing this bride’s face; the au natural makeup, all of her beauty spells VINTAGE ROMANCE.

We like how this bride has a dreamy touch to her bridal look. The pistachio green lining her eyes , her soft flowing tresses, and once again… that Sweet Smile. Well, that’s not just makeup, that is angels speaking to us in the language of beauty.

Wow! One glance at this bride and we are magically transported into the fairy tale world of Snow White.

The bridal beauty of this fair maiden is refreshingly flawless. The skin is perfected into that dewy glow and those kohled eyes and A-list brows just top off her entire look.

MUA Meerra Mevawala has done true justice to all these brides.


Her bridal makeovers are timeless that comes with a touch of voguish contemporary.

To get in touch with her for adorning your beauty on your precious wedding day, check out her facebook page

And for more info, get in touch with your folks at ShaadiElephant.

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