-make the best of your day through magnificent makeovers

Admit it, we all need a great makeup for the whole wedding thing that you’ll be going through and if you really want to be relieved you need to burn that stress probably by booking a great makeup artist. A good makeup makes up a good wedding. Ah! Then the question is who to choose? Well from the list of our great makeup artists we choose AnuChugh today, for she is one of our favorite and most talented! Let’s take a low on her latest creations for her beautifying her brides.

Oh My My! That smile is the real one, when Anu spreads her magic wand on a bride and makes her day magnificent!

Bengali brides have their own glory and when they get the right makeover they just glow like anything making everything beautiful around them. This is one such Anu’s bride, so gorgeous! 

The same bride for her reception the other day is looking no less than a goddess in such an apt makeover by a pro, i.e Anu Chugh

As she gets ready we can’t stop catching her sneaky-peeky for a glance of her beauty. Anu did a wonderful job here, giving her the best makeup!

Orchids couldn’t have been put better on that hair than this one. Aren’t you loving the hairdo here?

Aren’t you much induced? These gorgeous brides would have definitely made your day as it did to us. We know you’re looking forward to book Anu for your big day as well. So don’t wait long but get her back. So if you’re a 2018 bride, get it all planned before hand and slay your wedding. Tell us your favorite bride among above in the comments below.

Keep shining like your makeup!

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