- Everything you need for a perfect look at your day.

The whole wedding thing, is full of drama as well as serious stuff, how you make it is up to you. Makeup always meant to be important for a bride and choosing the right makeup artist is a tough one and can only be felt until you’re the bride, as you know yourself well. But there’s someone who knows you and your skin more than you do, yes, Tamanna is the one and you need not to worry about how you’ll look at your big day as undoubtedly you’re gonna rock it, if she is your makeup artist. Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it to you…

When we talk about being honest Tamanna tops the chart, she had always been so dyed-in-the-wool to her clients. 

Yes, now she’s ready with all that oomph got enhanced from such great makeup! Isn’t she gorgeous?

Christian brides have always fascinated us in the most beautiful ways and when they have the right makeup, they just make up for everything. Tamanna had so well proved her caliber here!

As if she’ll kill everyone by her looks, all credits to the most talented and blooming artist Tamanna for this delightful makeover for her.

We saw the gorgeous, the hottie, the elegant and this one hits the chart. So bold one! Isn’t it? Holding on to this glamour of perfection, she’ll kill everyone by her looks. She is the whole universe and the stellar within!

All these freshly minted makeovers to set you on fire on your day! Only if you choose Tamanna as *your maid of honor for makeover*. Do let us know your favorite among above in the comments below and don’t forget to book her if you want to make your guy go head over heels for you!

May your day be as gorgeous as your makeup! Keep smiling!

Buzz Tamanna on +91-7400099459 or write her on info@magicbrush.co.in / tamanna@magicbrush.co.in and don’t forget to follow her facebook page  www.facebook.com/magictam.brush.3

All picture credits- http://magicbrush.co.in/


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