Each moment captured by these lens men has a class of its own.

Every wedding has its own charm. Especially Indian weddings, which encompasses grand family fun with the divinity of many traditions. And each aspect of this day must be captured peerlessly.

Delhi based Light Strokes Photography studio is one such team which has done true justice to many beautiful weddings.

Their workmanship is unparalleled and they bring to table a stunning array of warm candid shots.

Each moment captured by these lensmen has a class of its own.

Let’s take you through the gallery on one such wedding which they shot for the adorable couple-  Namrata and Ankit…

Groom in the making-

Smeared haldi on his face with the most charming expression possible, this shot is handsomely auspicious.

And He arrives-

Indian Baaarat must be listed as the eight wonder as it is the most fun occasion that ever can be. With dancing, laughter, smiles and so much joy, nothing celebrates this holy union more than this merry moment.

Light Stokes does wonders in capturing the entire feel of this pleasant and priceless time.

This candid shot of the bride is filled with such mischief and so much love at the same time.

The expressive eyes of the bride gets a full spotlight in this very moment frozen just at the right time by our talented photographers. Bravo!

Eyes looking out for her Prince, this lady in waiting looks spectacular in this shot.

Her beauty is highlighted in the most graceful manner. It makes it really difficult to sway our eyes from her attractive aura.

A Wedding is for life, and every moment is worth treasuring and not at all to be miss out on.

The pious ritual of making those vows of eternity is shot here in its purest and sanctimonious time.

Light Stokes Photography comes with one purpose- to create a very fine and personal experience of each of its couples.

Blending natural expressions with the elegance of capturing images with a down to earth sensibility, this team delivers what we call par excellence.

Get in touch with them to make your wedding moments memorable for you and your loved ones.

Contact them at 097115 95404 and have yourself the most beautiful memories.


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