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Every love story has something unique thing to tell, and you never know in what unique way it could inspire you. Photographers play a major role in giving beautiful wings to the love tale making it bright and amazing. Very few have that caliber to present it beautifully to the world. One such is SonaSachdeva, with a team of excellent lens men they have marked an impact into the wedding industry. They had given wings to a recent Luxembourg wedding for Alex &Noniita. Let’s plunge into such wonderful magical love tale!

Just everything at the wedding from a glorious scenic capture to some lovey-dovey poses had been perfectly taken as per couple’s likings!

That mandatory love twirl is beautifully takenand was like a breath of fresh air, so much love in one single moment!

This picture is a pure bliss and our favorite. Beautiful! Isn’t it?

Team SonaSachdeva wasn’t lagging behind capturing those beautiful and apt wedding decors! Don’t miss it! Have a look!

An awesome capture for beautiful bride and we love such couples who give us such serious wedding goals by not giving traditional as a whole.

We love this whole love thing they have and their wedding was pure one, full of colors and happiness. TeamSonaSachdevahave done a great job here!

The best way to capture the essence of a wedding in a traditional way and personal thanks to Sona and her team for this one!

What makes a wedding even more beautiful is having a perfect photographer to capture each moment in the purest way as it has to be! Is this the kind of dream world you want to have at your wedding too? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to get SonaSachdeva team booked for your big day and be prepared for wonders to unfold!

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