-Stand-out makeovers for perfect day weddings

We haven’t met a bride who doesn’t want to look her best at her wedding day and nothing like a traditional makeover to make your big day, a winner, right? ShaadiElephant is your Bae and since you should have a realistic vision for your MUA, we are totally here for you. Amongst tremendous list of our makeup artists we have MUA Debasish again with us with his latest bunch of Muhurtham looks for his fabulous brides! Don’t believe us? You will, girl!

We’re sure like most brides you also want to stand out even you dress in the most traditional way, that’s where your makeup speaks out! We’re so fortunate as Dev is with us to give you the most outstanding and apt look of Muhurtham! 

Different brides, different looks, one occasion! Only artists like Dev can do such wonders.

Nothing like a minimalistic bride and she looks so chic with her austereness! Only artists like Dev could do those marvels creating simplicity wherever desired!

Keeping it pretty and simple, even if it involves an amazing hairdo, especially when it’s a traditional cum contemporary one! There’s always something swoon-worthy in fresh-flower hairdos and Dev knows it right!

An honest makeup automatically lifts you up, just like a smile on this beautiful bride! We aren’t getting over her whole look justifying the right moment!

Dev knows well the tips and tricks to give a complete ensemble for each kind of bride and here’s another instance! White, orange and gold perfectly merges and gives her the best expressions!

Okay ladies, there you go, as perfect makeup is one a must and artists like Dev are there to take all those tough decisions for you and you need to relax and just get pampered! So expect nothing less than a magical world by being *the best* at your Muhurtham. Let us know which one was your best among above Muhurtham looks in the comments below and is this the kind of dream look you want to have at your wedding too? Then don’t forget to book Dev!

Keep shining! May your day be as bright as your makeup!

Don’t forget to buzz Dev on +919739903090 and follow his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/makeupbydev and insta feeds on http://www.instagram.com/makeupbydebasish

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