The makeup studio by MUA Nandini

Brides all over the country these days are looking for an artist who could hold their hands through the most important day of their lives- Their Wedding Day!

A bride wishes to look like a queen and walk like a dream on her D-Day.

And Velvet Mizzle, the makeup studio by MUA Nandini is helping lovely brides from all over to look gleaming and sparkling with overwhelming beauty.

Today, we have rounded out some the artist’s most beautiful works (and it was super difficult as all of her looks were super gorgeous)…

Gold eyeshadow with a pinkish hue adds the much needed drama to the beautiful art that is Makeup ByNandini.

P.S: don’t overlook the gorgeous lashes laden with a heathy dose of mascara.

The liner of this bride’s eyes is on point!

And the hot and beautiful pink eye shadow is so suave that we are in total AWE!

The radiance of this bride’s beauty is like a breath of fresh air.

And we are hopelessly and irretrievably falling in love with those scarlet lips.

Embrace the vintage vibe with this retro bouffant updo.

The lush curly tendrils of hair falling down framing the face impressively and the fancy bun, this all in one hairstyle offers the best of both worlds.

Velvet Mizzle is the brainchild of MUA Nandini. And this studio has been a top favorite of all its brides.

And if you let them glide you through your wedding beauty-rama, their hold on your hearts will forever be etched.

Have trust in their skills par excellence and you will not be disappointed.

You have our word!

So without much further ado give them a buzz at 090718 80269 and let your bridal makeup worries subside and let the dreams of remarkable beauty astonish you.

To view more of their works, check out their facebook page at

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