Lensman Pranav is the man for you!

Want to get cozy and eliminate camera nerves? Lensman Pranav is the man for you!

With his Photography Studio “Creative Treasures”, Pranav promises to give you nothing less than spectacular. Have faith in his genius and you will have timeless masterpieces to look back to.

Whether the event is classic or cutting edge, Creative Treasures offers amazing candid wedding photography.

With a belief that the most important part of any wedding is the people, Pranav is one such artist who has the knack to capture intimate moments at weddings.

So, here we bring you the timeless works of the most sought after professional photographer of our time.

A photograph is worth a million words! It’s the only thing that captures the precious moments and makes them timeless. Just like a painter fills an empty canvas with a brush full of colors, Pranav fills the pictures with love, laughter and all the other emotions with his camera. 

Re-live the story of your iconic moments through their images.

Their storytelling will leave you sparkly eyed even after 10-15 years from your wedding day. That we can definitely guarantee!

Pranav will make you feel so comfortable and natural in front of the lens that the result will be dynamic shots that are rarely posed and overflowing with emotion, gesture and humour….

And all the necessary SWAG!!

Sit back and let your true colors shine through their lens, Photographer Pranav has got you covered.

For capturing your wonderful memories and etching them in everyone’s hearts forever, you can contact the genius lensman at 098118 04128

And to view more of their works, view their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/createTreasure/

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