An appointment with this magnifique artist is a must have experience for every bride.

“She sways like a flower in the wind of our song;
She skims like a bird on the foam of a stream,
She floats like a laugh from the lips of a dream.”

Makeup is a detailed art which takes plenty of research and time for you to find the pro who will read you like a book and that’s why MUA Zorain Khaleeli with her brainchild Zorains Studio, is a perfect fit for your important day. From your contouring, all shades of blush, lipsticks and shadows to brow shaping, she will give you the look that no one will be able to stop staring at.

An appointment with this magnifique artist is a must have experience for every bride.

Lets take a look at some of her magnificent works.

When we talk about Zorain, everything comes with a classic sensibility. Her approach is timeless with stunningly polished looks and all her handiwork is hands down the best.

Her forte lies in flawlessly blending the makeup so that it doesn’t look made up!

By creating fresh and glowing looks, she manages to perfectly capture the essence of a bride’s eternal beauty on her wedding day. Zorain’s meticulous highlighting is faultless and never overdone.

And now when we talk about hair, the intricately woven tresses are nothing less than spectacular. Whether subtle or all-out glam, Zorain’s perfection and versatility will make your nightmares of bad hair day will vanish in a flutter.

Your tresses will be pampered by nothing but the best quality products which will leave them feeling soft and fresh throughout the occasion.

The pretty flowers in your hair will be turning heads on your engagement day.

And who better to adorn your tendrils on your memorable day than the brilliance of MUA Zorain. Her take on beauty is refreshing and no words can do justice to her wonderful makeup artistry skills.

From bridal to wedding parties, MUA Zorain Khaleeli, with her wide spectrum of colors and impressively talented team of artists, is available for all kinds of makeup artistry needs, and is here to give you that flawless look for your special day. Get in touch with her at 099000 32855

And to view more of her works visit her webpage at

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