-true real-time princess makeovers for stunning brides

We know that our favorite makeup artist became yours favorite too when we talked about her makeup skills that were like morning glory and beautiful sunset. Well, it’s Parul Khattar we’re talking about, so already thinking about it? Well we have something more for you which will surely entice you even more, this time some magical princesses. Get ready for those charmed instances!

We introduce you to Parul’s real time princess and one is giving major goals to all the brides out there! Doesn’t she look like an eye catching diva that would totally cast a magic spell and make everything into a beautiful dream!

With such magnificent eyes this princess will enchant you to the highest level of paradise! Her eyes are so beautifully done and her lip shade enhances her smile!

We’re totally in love with this adorable one! Looks like snow white straight from those Disney princesses, definitely she is super adorable and probably a real one!

Another charming goblet of pure bliss which would again remind you of your childhood dreams all getting real here! Ah! We’re completely in love with these oh-so-happy brides!

Cinderella bride in her full form, Parul knows well how to give perfect look to each one of them and bride’s smile speaks it all!

Jasmine fairy all set for her entry, ready to take charge to grab all attention at her big day, and credit goes to Parul for her commendable makeover!

So already enchanted? If you really want all your childhood’s fantasies to come true just in a day, i.e. the day of your wedding, Parul khattar is here to adorn you fully like a princess bride! Among the above let us know which one is your favorite princess bride in the comments below!

May your day be as bright as your makeup! Keep shining!

To know Parul more, visit her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ParulKhattarMakeupArtist Or buzz her on 081971 82223

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