-adorning brides in their most gorgeous selves

Some makeup artists don’t need any introduction ‘coz their work speaks itself and one of such is Shwetha Raju, an artist so dormant but her work explodes her creativity. But we are totally here to speak and we won’t stop even if we’ve to go beyond praising her. You’ll too be amazed as we are, let’s take a spin here and not wait.

Like a fairy God mother Shwetha fulfills wishes of every bride to make her magnificent at her day. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this beauty! So stunning! Isn’t she?

Brides who went out of their way and wear colors other than such cliché ones at their wedding are remarkable and when the makeup is done right, they just hold the show! Just like this bride!

Another one similar to such makeups is this bride who reveals the true secrets of being simple and elegant at the same!

Like a pro Shwetha knows what color to put where, just look at this amazing bride at her day! She already smiles the most satisfying smileCatholic brides have their own charm and when they met the real makeup artists they just make wonders at their day!

These brides are making a different beauty statements being the most fabulous in their own ways and Shwetha is the one working behind the scenes. You should definitely go for booking her at your day without having a second thought, after all it’s your day and why would you take a chance? Make the most of it and be the best of your versions! Shwetha is there for you!

May your day be as beautiful as you are! Keep shining!

Don’t forget to book her at 09886796449 and not to forget following her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Hair-Makeup-Artist-Shwetha-Raju

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