-15 year old photography getting real

We are overjoyed, and we would love to share this part of happiness with you! This reason for our happiness is the brimming photographers in our list and one of the best ones is Raj Bachan who had made a remarkable entry at ShaadiElephant making us so obliged! An age old Raj’s photography is so remarkable since long and had marked great impact on people’s life, creating value to their weddings! Let us not wait and share a part of his work at Indian weddings;

This recent Maharashtrian wedding had captured our heart and with that amendable photography Raj had once again proved his caliber! He is known for his candid captures and this one for bride and groom is oh-so-candid! Isn’t it?

Groom seems so thoughtful at this pose and yeah this picture is so *marriage is such a serious stuff* kind of!

Bride doesn’t hold back but gives her best shots and makes a beautiful memory of her big day and Raj captured it right!

These captures for wedding rituals are no less taking our attention but making us feel the wedding-feels. Photography done right here!

Don’t miss out the décor for wedding which too had been taken so beautifully, we just love it!

Bride and groom together, look so relieved. Aren’t they? This one is captured so beautifully making them couple for eternity!

Even the galaxy had nothing if we compare the work of this amazing photographer. These pictures are deceivingly beautiful and giving major goals to all the couples who wish to have such a traditional wedding and want to get captured in so much candid! So don’t wait to book Raj for your big day and let us know all about it, we wait to feature such moments!

Buzz him on 9820092724 or you can mail him on bachanraj@gmail.com and don’t forget to follow his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Raj-Bachan-Photography-117090812440308

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