-gorgeous and bright makeovers just for you

So less time and so much to prepare, wedding is such a thing! That for that single day we prepare from so long, just imagine how important that one day holds in our lives! And so is your makeup on your special day. So if you’re hunting a perfect makeup artist for you and we assure you that your hunt gets over here! Alisha is our pick for the day today; for her recent amazing works that she had done and filled so many brides’ lives with immense happiness.

From all those emeralds to those rubies Alisha knows how to make every bride a jewel out of them. 

This bride shows a true example of being her best self and with that beautiful makeup on she just rocks it!

Have you ever seen a princess straight from heavens, if no, you should see this gorgeous! Alisha made her into a beautiful gem and she is sure to amaze everyone at her big day! That is so obvious from her beautiful smile!

Do notice her hairdo which is so elegant and gorgeous and this lady in red is taking the whole stage in her hands!

This one is our favorite! We love her in pink and caramel shades, all bright and stunning! Do you too love her?

This hairdo couldn’t have been better than this as it seems just perfect for her. Her beautiful eyes and rosy cheeks make a beautiful statement all together.

Every time we look at Alisha’s work we never get over it! This is the specialty of a great makeup artist and we drool over and over and over again. Aren’t you too drooling like us? We really are fortunate to have Alisha with us and we know you can’t wait to book her for your big day! Do let us know which one is your favorite among above in the comments below.

May your day be as gorgeous as your makeup! Keep shining!

You can buzz Alisha on 09618826444 to make an appointment for gorgeous makeovers.

Don’t forget to follow her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Alisha.charania.gillani


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