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When you think about your bridal makeup what all things come to your mind? It should be “the best”! Isn’t it? But we have such a makeup artist who is so talented that will make you feel no less than a queen on your big day. We are talking about a new entry to ShaadiElephant artists’ list, Pusha Latha from Bangalore. If you don’t believe us you really need to see her work. We’re already awestruck and want you to feel the same!

Pushpa is so out-and-out and had been adorning brides since long! And till today had been receiving immense appreciations! Have a look!

Awesomeness doesn’t stop here, we have more to show you, this bride just kills it with her makeover and with that greyish eye shadow she looks like a QUEEN!

Pushpa has a punchline that she’ll turn her gorgeous clients into queens and hold quite true to it. Don’t believe us? Here’s another example!

Muster your faith and believe on Pushpa and you will get the result which will amaze you. Here’s another such result and the bride can’t stop smiling her best smile!

Rely on Pushpa and you don’t need to rely on anybody else for your engagement, wedding and reception as she is pro in adorning for all the occasions!

So many queens at one go, we’re sure you’re truly captivated with their beautiful aura! And the power behind the scenes, our favorite Pushpa Latha. Don’t forget to book Pushpa for your big day! Book her now and you’re just a moment away from totally experiencing the heavens! Let us know your favorite bride among above in the comments below.

May your day be as gorgeous as your makeup! Keep shining!

Buzz Pushpa on 099458 24513 and follow her facebook page on

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