Today, we are flaunting his Magnum Opus of bridal shots which have captured our hearts and will do the same to you.

Shiv Sharma, the Gurgaon based photographer has time and again amazed us with the beauty and subtle nuances of wedding photography. And today, he once again catches hold of our attention.

 A lover of the lifetime occasion called Wedding, Shiv Sharma believes in capturing all the defining moments of this event of holy union.

From glistening smiles to the purity of the sacred bond, his photography skills have frozen a million moments in a manner that is exquisite and praise-worthy.

And today, we are flaunting his Magnum Opus of bridal shots which have captured our hearts and will do the same to you…

This shot of bridal beauty speak the unspeakable of all emotions, the way Shiv Sharma has captured the fashion and the beauty of everything is impeccable. There is something grand and romantic about this bride posing on stairs. This shot definitely gets it going when it comes to bringing out the spectacular beauty of the bride, and hence it makes up for a must have “maiden on the stairs” shot.

This beautiful bridal shot at the backdrop of an autorickshaw is a fine example of rustic old world charm with an eclectic tinge of quirky. The vibrancy of bride’s orange lehenga comes out vividly against the blue tone. This shot is a balance between creative and ethereal.

The bride walking like an angel under “phoolon ki chadar” makes up for a mesmerizing shot.

This picture is spreading so much cheer. The bride laughing like she has no care in the world, her makeup all set, her saree spelling so much grace and the innocence on her child like face is so much beauty packed in one frame.

After all these pictures, we are sure that whenever you will think about capturing emotions, style and beauty of love, there will be no other name than Shiv Sharma photography resonating in your minds.

His images makes the greatest of wedding stories, and with him in picture, it’s nothing but the happiest of OMGs ! To get your perfect moments more perfect contact this connoisseur of photography by mailing him at

And to view more of his works, check out his webpage at 

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