Essentials tricks to get a deep and beautiful Mehendi for your big day..

Mehendi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride and her beauty is incomplete without it and therefore, Mehendi ceremony is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian weddings. There are many tips which a bride should follow to get a deep and gorgeous color of Mehendi. 


What’s good for your Mehendi...

  1. Leave henna for a longer time: Wash off the henna after 7-8 hours. If you can afford to keep it longer, leave it for about 12 hours. Do not wash with water; instead scrape it out by rubbing your palms together till the dried henna falls off! Within a few hours you will see the rich colour develop
  2. Dab lemon sugar mixture couple of times: After the mehndi dries a little bit, apply a solution to the design which consists of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar.
  3. Buy good quality Henna: Select good quality henna. The better the quality, darker the colour will be.
  4. Design of the mehendi: Design of the Mehendi also plays a big role in determining the final shade. The thicker the mehndi design is, the more there is colour.
  5. Run your hands over the fumes of the cloves: Before you hit the bed, first apply the lemon sugar mixture mentioned above. Now heat a few cloves over a tawa and run your hands over the fumes of the cloves, but carefully! Let the fumes dry up the lemon and sugar mixture.
  6. Apply balms after scrapping the crust: Indian brides use balms like Vicks, or Tiger Balm, on henna after scrapping the crust off.

What’s not...

  1. Do not shave your hands after henna application as it may scrape the upper layer of your skin and also the mehndi.
  2. Do not wash your hands immediately after application. Steer clear of water for a good 6 hours.
  3. do not use a blow dryer to dry the mehndi on your palms and legs! This may make the henna bleed and ruin the design.
  4. Drinking too much of water or any juice just before application.
  5. Do not wash your hand with soapy water, doing so can lead to your mehndi fading in portions and will look ghastly.


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