-adorning pretty brides for all occasions

What is so gorgeous about an Indian wedding? Well, it’s definitely the bride and the groom and how fancy they look at their day. So everyone’s attention and eyes are searching for the couple of the big day and thus you need to look better than what they expect. So all the pressure on you, after all, the captured moments should be gorgeous too. Let’s introduce you to Anniieta who would answer all your questions. Anneiita’s Makeover run by a passion driven makeup artists are so dedicated and believes in the uniqueness of each client she has.

Let’s not wait and take a tour!

Such a subtle and natural makeup which is so apt for the day! The bride looks amazing in her own skin!

Another similar one with a bunch of cuteness all adorned in her hair giving an extra boom to her whole look. Isn’t she looks amazing?

You’ll definitely fall in love with this one, so elusive the makeup is as if nothing is artificial and giving glance to ordinary. Beautiful, isn’t she?

She looks stunning in her own skin as Anneiita says “You are unique” as her makeup and hairdo is perfectly done.

So if you think a perfect makeover cannot give you the zeal and energy the way you want it to be then you are wrong as Anniieta proves it wrong to you by making soft as well bold brides out of her clients. So what do you think of booking them for your big day? Definitely a yes it is as it will be worth it. Let us know your favorite among above in the comments below.

May your day be as bright as your makeup! Keep shining!

Buzz her on 077689 07245 and follow her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mumbaiindiamaharashtra

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