-Urvashi & Ankit giving major love goals by their beautiful moments captured at Delhi

Niklesh with his team at “Say Cheeze” had amazed us last time and had again made us go gaga over his recent shoot for sweetest of the couples Ankit & Urvashi at Delhi. This will make you feel that you should get one for you and your Bae too. So Humanyu’s Tomb always had been a beautiful destination for pre-weddings shoots for the couples in Delhi but this one really rocked through the lens of Say Cheeze Photographers. Let’s go through all of it right here, right now!

That vehicle used as props and had been used so well giving the couple that grounded feel and their true love.

The top love shoot for Urvashi & Ankit couldn’t have been better than this! Ohh! We love it so much!

Say Cheeze had again pulled it here, look at the love chemistry between the couple and how beautifully it had been shown. Also we love the color palate here that highlights the couple.

This is a shot of pure love, with beautiful symmetrical catch. This is some insta-worthy shoot giving perfect goals to all the couples getting hitched soon. Perfect! Isn’t it?

Why would a monochrome lag behind, yes, this was what we were waiting for. A pose of true bliss, so natural and soulful!

From bright to monochromes, all in everything, we bet this would have made you think just once for whom to book for your wedding shoot, Say Cheeze are such perfect artists! We lack moments of praises when we come across such talented photographers. So why wait? Just get their back as soon as possible, before it gets out. When Say Cheeze is there you don’t need to think about anything, they’ll just fix everything for you and they could even travel miles for you!

Let us know what you liked about this amazing pre-wedding shoot in the comments below!

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