A heart to heart with the superbly talented MUA Debasish.

SE: What is the latest trend in pre wedding shoot makeup?

Deb: Keep it a no makeup look to portray that the bride to be isn’t wearing any makeup. 


SE: Give tips to our brides about “do it yourself” hairstyles for occasions

Deb: For a traditional event one can always go for a timeless traditional low bun and for a casual event my all time favourite is soft curls. There are plenty of easy hairdo videos in YouTube. Try them. Trust me it is not so difficult as it looks like.

SE: Any tips on party makeup for the sister of the bride?

Deb: Keep it simple but with a Classy and Elegant touch as after the bride she is the person people are going to look at. There is nothing calls overdo for the sister of the bride as you are next. 

SE: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Deb: My outstanding work speaks for itself and my talent. I am not Ordinary and I am Fabulous! 

SE: What is the biggest makeup mistake made by brides?

Deb: When they think anyone who applies any product on a face with a brush is a makeup artist. Check your options before you finalize. This is the biggest day of your life and do not compromise your look just to save some money. Always remember quality comes with a price.

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