The sophistication of the rituals, the fleeting emotions, the warmth of love: shutterbugs at Moment Taskara clicks like a million dollars and much more

Weddings are dreams extravaganza.

And Wedding Photography is the star of this particular day.

Indian weddings being so diversified, possess different emotions.

From conventional to contemporary, Indian weddings are vast and beautifully complex. Such intricacies of this holy ceremony needs to be forever frozen in time.

And when it comes to capturing these memories, one virtuoso is taking our hearts by a storm- Photography Studio Moment Taskara.

Their take on wedding shoot is so unique that all they have to do was click and we were already in their spell.

The sophistication of the rituals, the fleeting emotions, the warmth of love: shutterbugs at Moment Taskara clicks like a million dollars and much more. 

We have cherry picked some of their clicks down below.

And FYI before you scroll down, keep a box of tissues handy.

This is going to be an emotional roller-coaster…

The holy havan kund which holds witness to the promises of seven lifetimes. The piousness of this entire shot is ethereal and takes us to a different plane altogether.

"Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering." “History of Love” comes to life with this picture. Kudos to Moment Taskara.

Blowing the Shankh is a symbol of purity and brilliance. Moment Taskara brings out the auspiciousness of this divine rite in its full glory.

We are simple awed by its artistry.

And here comes the tear-train. My God! This moment is the most heartening of all. The Vidaai ceremony symbolizes the final stage of a holy matrimony where the bride’s family bid farewell to her as she embarks on a new journey of her life with her partner for a million lifetimes. The ceremony is an outburst of sentiments.

This overwhelming moment is rightly captured here by Moment Taskara.

That sweeping goodbye; that not able to let go, is that a tear I see in the corner of your eyes! Well, we too were howling like a child by looking at this shot.

This picture speaks a thousand words and hits our hearts right where its supposed to be.

We are out of words to compliment the mastery of the Lensmen at Moment Taskara.

Now let’s take you on a much lighter note. The moment which is filled with beauty, style and all the pretty colors in the world. Yes! You are absolutely right! It’s the Bridal makeup.

And this mandatory getting ready picture is making us go gaga about The Hairspray Shots.

Moment Taskara is one studio which will bring out the delicacy and grace of your entire wedding.

The results they give are flawless to the core.

The team is passionate about great storytelling through stunning images.

Specializing in beautifully artistic photography for their discerning clients, Moment Taskara is here to rule.

So if you want your wedding to be as precious and rare as you have ever imagined it to be, get in touch with Photography Studio Moment Taskara at 084509 37878 and +919167333141

To view their brilliant works, check out their Facebook page at

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