More charming brides from Venkatesh’s diaries

So, it’s that time of the season again when weddings takes the priority and if this time it’s yours then it really means a lot to you as well as to us. And we take the responsibility of how you’re gonna look for your big day and when we have makeup artists like G Venkatesh then you’re in the happy hands! Don’t believe us? You need to!

His recent marvelous works are taking the internet today, have a look at this amazing bride!

Venkatesh is a simple man with no show off and his works speaks him out. Here is the proof! Beautiful bride with amazing eye makeup is so gorgeous for her big day!

Another happy bride showing off her gorgeous eyes! She deserves it! Isn’t she?

Very less know the art of artifying a catholic bride as their hands are set on traditional ones but this guy has gone out of his way in making this catholic bride the most beautiful we’ve ever seen!

Like an 8am sun this bride is shining like a flower and when Venkatesh is the makeup artist who needs to worry!

We’re totally in love with this adorable bride and Venkatesh had given her the best makeover. She looks like a lotus flower, all gorgeous and bright!

Venkatesh had again proved his 27 years of experience true to its core and all praises for him are even less. So if you really want that age old talent for your wedding to work wonders then don’t wait but book him immediately. Let us know your favorite among above in the comments below!

May your smile be as flawless as your makeup!

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