Sona Sachdeva Photography --every couple dream shots right here for you!

What happens when two fabulous people get married? They truly give major wedding goals to all the couple getting hitched as well as give us a chance to share their beautiful story probably through the lens of a story teller! And our story teller for today is our all-time favorite Sona Sachdeva and her team. They have really done a brilliant job in seizing beautiful moments for Varun & Riya for their engagement and wedding and we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

This one is our personal favorite, the way their rings are focused as they start their beautiful new journey for life!

Beautiful shoot with amazing emotions and natural expressions, all three ingredients are very rarely found together but Sona did it at that right moment!

It’s an amazing picture of bride waiting for her groom to come and like her we too can’t wait to see the miracles happening next! The photographers very beautiful captured this very moment for her!

Every couple dreams to have such kind of pictures but they really don’t know how to explain it and the one who understands this feeling are the photographers at Sona Sachdeva’s team. Isn’t it amazing?

The final beautiful moment when the couple ties their final knot had been greatly taken by Sona and its just mind blowing!

Every shot has a different story to tell for Riya & Varun and when we move down the seized moments, it tells a series of stunning moments coordinating with each other! That’s the beauty in the hands of Sona Sachdeva that we’re just swooning over these pictures again and again. We bet you would look twice to the pictures and would have imagined how your big day would be! And when Sona Sachdeva and her brilliant team are there for you, you need not to worry!

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