MUA Nehad Imran will help you look polished, gorgeous and unforgettable with her many years of experience in wedding industry.

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret.”

And makeup artist Nehad Imran comes with a magic wand that can turn any bride into a diva.  With her humble roots in Bangalore, she is stealing hearts of many brides by her glamorous and multicultural approach to makeup. Providing the most impeccable make-up applications and hair styling is her niche. All packed with her unmatched skills, she will arrive with her warm and charismatic personality. Lets check out her wonderful works and wow our eyes!

Look polished, gorgeous and unforgettable with the help of this artist with many years of experience in wedding industry. Just like this bride here, who looks exorbitantly stunning in the bold shades on her lips as well as eyes. Courtesy- MUA Nehad Imran!

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure- it can transform you.”

Nehad’s love and passion for beauty will leave you with unparalleled makeup and hairstyle.

This glorious beauty with the softest side-swept curls ever, swirls in her happiness as she rejoices in her beauty adorned by MUA Nehad.

“Makeup is art, beauty is spirit.”

We can claim in full cheer that when it comes to service and satisfying her client’s beauty needs, Nehad delivers the most outstanding results. This ethereal bride in white with Grecian waves and bold lips and metallic eyes, kohled with passion, is a fine example. MUA Nehad has meticulously taken care of each and every glorious detail for this bride’s beauty.

“Your makeup should never precede you, but walk with you.” Nehad promises to curate flawless makeup tailored to each and every bride of hers. This bride is ravishing red is taking our breaths away with her pink eyes dusted with a slight hint of dull gold and the scarlet hue adorning her blooming lips.

MUA NEHAD IMRAN is an artist worth getting onboard for your special day and give wings to your beauty.

Look refined and elegant, and photograph beautifully. This lady will give you the perfect harmony of glowing skin, radiant makeup and beautifully done hair. For picture perfect beauty that catches everyone’s eyes, contact her at 099866 60543

And email her at

To check out more of her works, you can view her facebook page at

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