MUA PARUL KHATTAR- showering stars on brides this wedding season

It’s shaadi-season again in full bloom and every occasion demands perfection and so  should be your makeup at all the events and you’re the bride so you should be looking like one, Parul Khattar, the passionate makeup artist, will be there for you if you really want to be “you” by looking all classy and natural. Thus our pick for you today is Parul, our all-time favorite and as she had rocked it by just making an entry to us! So if you choose to be yourself on your wedding day, not to worry about other social norms, and what an Indian bride is supposed to act, makeup by Parul will work wonders then.
The passionate makeup artist is all on her work for this amazing bride to make her *the best* at her day!

We can’t take our eyes off from this beauty for even a minute; Parul had showered stars on her and had given her a perfect look! 

Parul had always amazed us for giving her brides a clean and elegant look! See the perfect highlights on this bride and she’s just filling our hearts with even more love for her makeover.

Catholic brides have their own charm, they need to look different yet they need to be elegant at the same time! So artists like Parul knew it far more how to give them a beautiful jams!

Now this is something with many embellishments with the thought of elegance and she is pure love! Parul had played very well with orange at specific zones for this amazing bride!

Doesn’t Parul inspire you? Making extra ordinary from ordinary is what her motto is! So love yourself and get pampered with makeup by Parul Khattar at your special day!
Keep the love for makeup alive and don’t forget to smile today!
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