-get gorgeous for your summer wedding

So this is summer wedding season and you are a little on your mind to look your best at your big day! Summer weddings are though a slight rough due to the weather and in that case your makeup artist needs to take a lot of care while adorning you. Well, you just need to relax and leave it on us, for why we have such a great list of artists with us for? This time Pushpa Latha is on our mind for her recent great works she did! Let’s amaze you!

Beautiful looking adorable bride adorned by Pushpa for her reception is so elegant and simple and just killing it with her smile!

Amazing catholic bride in her own beauty and enhanced by Pushpa with her age old talent and making a statement this time!

We love how Pushpa puts a double shaded eye shadow over the brides’ eyes and that completely suits them and their wedding outfits! Have a look at this bride’s effortless hairdo.

Again beautiful eyes for this bride making her even more gorgeous! We love her like anything!

Amazing one for this bride with some dark tinge of shades from Pushpa’s pallets is making her and her day gorgeous!

So, summer wedding aren’t that bad now, as you don’t need to worry about your makeup when artists like Pushpa are there to make you. You’re gonna rock your day and that’s our guarantee for sure! Let us know your favorite bride among above in the comments below.

May your day be as beautiful as your lipstick!

Buzz Pushpa on 09945824513 for booking her and follow her facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/pushpa.bhojraj

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