MUA Roshni Safir is here to make you look like a dream with makeup looks that brings out the natural beauty of her brides.

Bangalore based Makeup artist Roshni Safir has an unbeatable knack for decoding her brides' personal styles, and strive hard to make them the very best version of themselves. With her radiant beauty style and calm demeanor, her amazing makeup artistry skills makes her an expert to highlight a bride’s inner beauty, giving her and ultra fresh and camera ready look.

For your special day that command attention, Roshni Safir is here to make you look like a dream. Her makeup looks brings out the natural beauty of her brides. Have a look yourself.

The rosy glow on this bride is magnificent. The way each and every color, whether ts the natural tone on her lips, or that brown eye makeup stunningly lined with kohl or the dewy blush highlighting her cheeks- everything about her is so refreshing.

A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. And the reason behind that gorgeous smile is the right contouring and blending by our makeup artist in demand.

MUA Roshni’s forte lies in flawlessly blending the makeup so that it doesn’t look made up!

The demure tone and the glowy complexion , we just cant look away from this bride’s pretty face.

Wow! Arent we just mesmerized by this entire journey crushing on so much beauty.

So if you want to be one of their pretty-pretty brides, get in touch with MUA ROSHNI SAFIR at  099860 36066

Or inbox her at

To view more of her works, check out her facebook page at

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