Technovision Photography- When connoisseurs of photography team up to shoot your wedding, there is nothing more decadent than that.

A picture is worth a thousand emotions. And no one does it better that the awesome team at Technovision.

When connoisseurs of photography team up to shoot your wedding, there is nothing more decadent than that. So we bring you today a par excellence team of Wedding photographers, Cinematographers, Directors and editors, who share an intense love for photography.

Started in 1985, Tehnovision Photography is a studio which has mastered in candid wedding photography.

Wedding photography needs a really good eye as well as easy tact and good judgement. The fine result of this delicate job is quiet- yet have an impact. The team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to composition, light and nuances of gestures. They create and capture images full of raw emotions and intimacy. Open to the unknown, they will create timeless and heart stirring images for you. They should be your number one choice if you are looking for a wedding or a pre wedding photographer.

So, here we bring you the timeless works of the most sought after professional team of our time.

Re-live the story of your iconic moments through their images. Their storytelling will leave you teary eyed even after 10-15 years from your wedding day. We can bet our life on it!

This infinity and beyond shoot of wedding trousseau left us with smiles and goosebumps. Technovision is making us fall into the romantic dream we all love.

Authenticity, emotion  and excitement lies in the heart of every single one of their images. The team will make you feel so comfortable and natural in front of the lens that the result will be dynamic shots that are rarely posed and overflowing with emotion, gesture and aesthetic.

Their images will stand the test of time revealing how beautiful reality truly is

Nothing spells perfection than your ideal venue, beautiful wedding décor, your ride, dress, flowers and to top it all off- Technovision’s fly-on-the-wall discretion and their skillful photography.

Whatever happens in your imagination, they can make it happen inside a camera for you.

So sit back and let your true colors shine through their lens.

For capturing your wonderful memories and etching them in everyone’s hearts forever, you can contact the geniuses of Technovision at 098200 26863

Or email them at 

To view more of their works, check their webpage at or check out their facebook page at

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