-Elegant and subtle makeovers from best of Anushka’s pallet

Weddings are such an important thing and bride holds the most important part, for which she prepares in the most crucial way in such a constrained time. But we are here to make your work easy by providing you with best artists and photographers! With a range of amazing artists, we are here again to introduce you to the most talented Anushka with her popular name Colours by Anushka”. Anushka adorns the bride in the most beautiful way! Let’s take a trip to awesomeness!

This gorgeous is pure love! Subtle and natural look looks best on her and she is sure to steal the show! Anushka did great in giving her best possible makeover!

Another beauty with dark makeup looks most elegant and subtle in her own way! Her hairdo is the remarkable one with best of Anushka’s colours!

We are completely mesmerized by this gorgeous and rough beauty with all that spark, just by Anushka! Her eyes and hair are amazing! Isn’t it?

From contemporize to traditional Anushka is all a pro! Here is the wonderful example of traditional beauty with natural day makeup.

Another traditional one, or the most traditional one with prime colours by Anushka! Her makeup itself revels the art of the artist.

The makeovers are so remarkable that it stands out from the rest and marks a statement of beauty! We’re completely swooning and want you to feel the same. Do you? Don’t forget to get Anushka’s back if you’re looking for something like this for you at your big day! Let us know the best one among above in the comments below.

May your day be as gorgeous as your makeup! Keep shining!

Buzz Anushka at  097909 44302 for booking and don’t forget to follow her on facebook on https://www.facebook.com/coloursbyanushka/

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