-serious makeup ideas for your big day!

Pushpa had always been known for the most dedicated makeup artist as she takes her work way more seriously, but she is caring and gentle at the same time. You’re at the right place if you want the best of makeovers for your big day! She has done some amazing ones this time and we can’t keep it a secret any more but reveal it to you!

Amazing makeover for her for her reception in the most clean and traditional way! That orange glow looks perfect on her in the best way!

She smiles the most beautiful smile for her day and she deserve it completely. Her eyes reveal the glory of sunshine of her heart! All credits to Pushpa for giving her such brilliance!

Subtle one for her, for her engagement and we’re sure she would have grabbed all the eye-balls out there with her charming beauty!

Brilliant day-makeup for this lady for her big day that completely grasps the whole arena! She looks the most traditional with that clean and perfect arrangement of hairdo and makeup.

Pushpa is so versatile! This pretty girl with her smokey eyes goes far beyond magnificence. We love the lip shade she wears which is pure love. She looks like a breath of fresh air.

Excellence and magnificence are small words for artists like Pushpa, she has gone far beyond that as she grasps all that ideas for the latest makeup trends and incorporates in the work she does. Her work is innovative yet traditional. If you’re looking for such wondrous makeovers, then get her back right now! Let us know what you liked about them in the comments below!

Keep shining! May your day be as beautiful as your makeup!

Get in touch with her at 098451 29086

Or email her at blush.push@gmail.com

To view more of his works, heck out her webpage at http://pushpakrishnappa.com/

Or click on her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pushpamua/

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