MUA Anneiita bringing us some gorgeous Engagement day looks.

While wedding day makeup must be glorious, we just cannot afford to underestimate the engagement day makeup of a bride.

That’s the day where all the romance takes place.

When the bride and groom exchange rings, there is a certain charm about that day which is unpassable.

So don’t you think such a pretty day deserves a prettier bride!!

Well MUA Anneiita has caught our hearts with one such bridal look that she did for this lovely lady for her ring ceremony. Lets take a look…

The neat hairdo of this bride focuses all our attention to her beautiful face. From her face structure, to her eye makeup to her lips, everything becomes the centre of attraction here because of her hair which is sleek, straight and pulled away from her face.

The peachy glow, deep colored lips and her bold and beautiful eyes compliment her off white and peach ensemble to a T.

Every bride must be comfortable in her skin. So the makeup must never precede her but must walk hand in hand with her. MUA Anneiita makes sure of that.

Et voila! Here is our girl, ready for the big moment. And don’t she look radiant and oh so gorgeous.

Her sun kissed skin, her ravishing smile, her perfect hair and her mesmerizing eyes.. All of them are done true justice by Anneiita’s makeover.

So guys, why fret over your engagement makeup when you have MUA Anneiita just a phone call away.

Get your name in her rolodex and look your most magnificent self on your engagement day!

You can get in touch with her at 077689 07245

And to view more of her works, check out her facebook profile at

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