-Learn and apply the bests of makeup secrets by Debasish Das

We’ve talked enough of the makeups and makeovers lately, this time we’ll share something that’s really worth, differently! Yes, how even you can be a pro in makeup!  We have a range of makeup artists who teach makeup and this time we are here with our most favorite Mua Debasish who has a beautiful Makeup Academy of his own, who’ll reveal the best of his talents to you right there!

So, in association with Shiny Alexxander who is a great “fashion designer and stylist* Debasish is doing wonders revealing his best of makeup secrets at the Academy in Bangalore! Already excited to join? Well, we have more to spill!

Well, unlike those of cliché schools, this one is quite like a living room where you’ll feel home and get the best of training from the vast skies of Dev’s makeup talents.

Did you get those homely vibes? Well the interiors speak itself! And this is for the first time we’ve seen such an institution, unlike others!

Their courses is of two kinds, one is entirely teaching from basic to expert makeup that happens once in two months and the other is self-grooming session which lasts for a day but has immense things to grab!

Have a look at the traditional, party and nude makeup that Dev trains in his self-grooming classes! Amazing! Isn’t it? Who’ll not be excited to grab such an art from such a commendable artist!

Already excited to join? We assure you, you’ll have a great experience and great training sessions all worth the penny! So don’t waste a minute as Dev has some good discounts for the early birds! Grab it now!

You can reach out to Dev on +919739903090 and follow his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/makeupbydev and insta feeds on http://www.instagram.com/makeupbydebasish

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