-Beautiful souls tying knots together and captured in the most beautiful way!

Our photographers have always enticed us in so many ways and each time they’ve bought something unique to us that it had always blown our minds. This time again we’ll blow it with the latest by TR Photography by Tritirtha. He had recently captured a beautiful *Bunt* wedding and which came to us as a shock, due to his commendable work and creativity in capturing it. These amazing shutter bugs not only capture moments but capture emotions and souls, which makes their work so exclusive. Don’t believe us? You will!

Here the bride steals all the show by her sweet gestures while getting ready and waiting for the groom! Look at the beautiful sun shining bright on her face as her hands folds in tradition. Perfectly captured by Tritirtha!


Groom too gets ready for his big day and had been captured in glory as he advances to tie the eternal knot for his lady love.

She looks stunning as she waits for her would-be; this monochrome picture depicting her soul is the sure thing to see for today.

As we said the bride captures the heart everywhere, here too, she looks stunning in the midst of mixed emotions while she enters her best day of life.

This shot is amazing and so inimitable, we totally love the way it had been captured. Do you want one for you too?

Wedding is a beautiful affair where cliché too holds the uniqueness in a genuine way. This capture truly depicts the concerns of elders in a wedding.

Mind-blowing? Isn’t it? Tritirtha is such a photographer! When we say that photographs are the depiction of souls and emotions, then we’re totally right when the photographer is Tritirtha Roy with his golden collection of wedding moments. Don’t wait but book him for your big day and you’ll feel blessed for your entire life. Let us know how you liked the album in the comments below!

Buzz Tritirtha on 07411474432 and don’t forget to follow his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tritirtharoyphotography

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