-a win-win outlook for your day

We have a happy wind blowing in the direction of happiness and creating such happy brides! All thanks to the makeup artists we have on our lists and creating incredible brides making their big days the best days of their lives! This time our pick for you is Tanya Valsraj from Nyara Salon and Spa and they have something amazing to share this time! A range of totally mind-blowing brides all in a row and this surely gonna make you go for Nyara Salon for your day as well.

Such a subtle one for this lady at her day! The artist gave her the best of the ones from their pallete.

Such a gentle one and apt for the occasion! We love it when artists know the value of minimalism in makeovers and the results are truly amazing then.

Every bride adorned from Nyara Salon has their own charm and creates an aura of freshness! This one is totally giving a thumbs-up!

Here another win-win for her and gives her a makeover that is best for candid photographs! Beautiful! Isn’t it?

Such an adorable one from Tanya’s bridal diaries and holds to be the best one here, isn’t she your best too?

The awesomeness doesn’t end here but she has more to go, Nyara Salon itself is a complete package for you from hair to skin giving you a complete makeover for all the occasions at your day! Go get it then and you’re just a step away from pure gorgeousness!

May your day be as gorgeous as your makeup! Keep shining!

So, hurry and get in contact with her at  nyarasalon@gmail.com

Or Call her at 080 4204 3627

To view more of their works check out their webpage at http://www.nyarasalon.com/

And their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nyarasalon/


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