Emotions, excitement, gestures, expressions; a photographer captures an array of memories. In conversation with a Delhi based wedding photographer Ajay Raj Singh; his photos are stunning, shot immaculately and bringing out uniqueness in each one.

Some people find their talent early during their childhood; few others find it while in another job. It’s not easy to become a professional photographer in a place like Delhi but when you have the passion and perseverance to achieve it, it’s not impossible.  Ajay Raj Singh has been successful in this trade for the past 5 years now and has covered many weddings and photoshoots with brands like Marks & Spencer, Audi, Microsoft, Oxford, OCM and many more.

We bring you an exclusive one to one with this simple, down to earth Delhi boy and his journey to his career in photography. We bet all you to be bride and grooms can find a tip or two to get good shots during your wedding!

ShaadiElephant : So Ajay, please tell us a little bit about your journey in becoming a wedding photographer.

ARS: After my college I started working in the corporate sector, and bought my first camera. Gradually my passion grew and from hobby it became my goal. I did a portfolio shoot as a professional photographer in Delhi.I started with weddings when a friend’s friend approached me after seeing my work. And since then I have never looked back, weddings have become my major now. 

ShaadiElephant: Now we are sure many people would like to know as to how to get the best photo shot in a wedding?

ARS: Well its more of suggestion to the bride that they should get ready or call in their makeup artists in the venue itself. One it saves time, two we get to picture them on the venue which had been decorated and prepared. You will notice the difference here between the pictures at venue when the bride is getting ready in a makeup studio and when she is getting ready at the venue; the ambience makes a lot of difference. For example we can capture the bride looking through a window pane which is easily seen in hotels & resorts; these really bring out the best shots.

ShaadiElephant: What are the types of wedding photography?

ARS: There are basically two types of wedding photography - One is traditional which captures all the basic pictures like family photos, group photos. The other one is candid photography which is a special type and captures natural moments. 

ShaadiElephant: What are the different trends in pre-wedding shoot these days?

ARS: You know we started pre wedding shoot in 2012 when someone approached me for a pre wedding video shoot to be showcased at their reception. Since then we have seen some amazing pre wedding shoots by couples,a few days back when I was in Shimla we went for a pre wedding shoot at Wildflower Hall in Shimla for the same. It has to be one of my best shoots, the location the surroundings were perfect for it.

We also did a shoot in Gurgaon wherein the couple arranged for a dirt bike and we clicked some pretty amazing pictures for them. That was really some fun for us too!

ShaadiElephant: What are the wedding decoration colors best suited for photography?

ARS: I would have to say that day weddings are best suited to bring out the colors in the décor. The pinks, peaches, floral decoration which accentuates the area giving it a classy look. You would feel that you are attending a wedding abroad. People are really experimenting these days like going for blues and oranges for that bold look and pastel colors for that vintage look.

ShaadiElephant: What is your take on wedding albums or wedding planning websites like ShaadiElephant which provides a free access to users for making their own wedding websites?

ARS: They are definitely helpful, for people who are new in the business to help them grow big. They help in associating the couple with various vendors giving them a basket full of options to explore. Like for NRIs who specially come to India to get married, these websites provide a great platform wherein they can read the reviews and testimonials from various couples and make an informed decision.

ShaadiElephant: Can you tell us what different poses are for the bride and groom in trend these days?

ARS: You know people are really creative when it comes to poses, one that is trending these days is the cool bride swag look where the bride is wearing glares like Chulbul Pandey. Another one is the aerial lehnga view for the bride or a similar one with a ballroom dancing pose for the couple. The bride and groom flashing their engagement rings is a cool one as well.

ShaadiElephant: What kind of lighting is good for wedding photography?

ARS: I must start with what not to use really (laughs!). So basically we recommend not using colorful lights or sparkling lights that really disturb the pictures with red green and yellow faces. Using a spotlight on the couple might be a good idea to bring attention to them but as soon as someone crosses across it covers one of them in shadow. What we can utilize are the ferry lights and these are perfect for candid photography. These can be used at entrance or maybe even all over.

ShaadiElephant: Okay our final question to you, what are the most common mistakes made by couples during wedding photography shoot?

ARS: Ah! My sincere and humble advice would be to come prepared, to really take seriously. We appreciate inputs given by the bride and groom and we want them to get involved as much as possible during shoots. There was one wedding I did in Jodhpur, the bride asked for few suggestions, I told her that we can save few of the sky shots for their jaimala which would bring out the pictures, and it worked beautifully. 

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