We are caught in a whirlwind romance with this artist’s works.

This time MUA Tamanna Tanna is our top pick.

Her style of working is beautiful, exploring the endless opportunities that makeup can offer.

Brides who have worked with her have had a whale of a time and we definitely can’t agree more. She set in motion ripples of everything that is pretty. We are caught in a whirlwind romance with this artist’s works.

Let’s scroll down the gallery of her artistry, which speaks volume about Tamanna’s exceptional skills.

Well versed with the nuances of bridal makeup, the artist is a professional who constantly strive for perfection.

This Christian bride is a dream come true with her perfect eyes and the gorgeous hair and that fresh glow on her face. The slight hint of pink on her lips add all the much needed radiance to her beauty.

We are falling in love with this lovely lady, all dewy and fresh! The waves in her hair makes us giddy right in the pit of our hearts.

And those eyes. Those eyes say it all. Leaving us breathless! The bride is a vision. Her white ensemble and that glorious hairdo and her subtle yet striking makeup, are a match made in heaven.

So, we hope that your angst and frustration of finding the right makeup artist for your wedding day will end here. MUA Tamanna is a wonderful artist with magic up her sleeve. Get in touch with her for your big day.

Click on her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/magictam.brush.3 and get in touch with her.

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