-amazing makeovers for your summer wedding

Roshni Safir, the moment this name comes to our mind, we just get lost in the midst of awesomeness and pure bliss! Yes, that’s the beauty of such great makeup artists! We really want you to feel the same and look your best on your day. Why compromise when we have such amazing talents all around us, just to make you feel your best! Makeup is something that comes from within rather than just an application on face and our makeup artists are best at it!

Let us amaze ourselves again with best of the brides from Roshni’s bridal collections!

This bride would not have been better than this, her charm is intact with her makeover and it’s revealed through her face as well!

With best of the eyes, this gorgeous unlike others gets the best makeover from Roshni!

Every wedding demands different and apt makeovers, whether it’s catholic, Islamic or Hindu ad our makeup artists are so pro that they just know it right how to do it! This lady in green is the best example!

Among the royal looks that Roshni did this one is our favorite. Isn’t it your favorite too?

This one is so charming and simple that it just skipped a heart beat! And it’s worth it; she looks simple and subtle at her day! Roshni did the best job here!

Her work is amazing, yes, we say it again! She is a great choice for your special occasion. Don’t forget to book her before hand without giving a second thought and you’re a call away from being awesome. Let us know the best one from above in the comments below.

Shine Bright and be gorgeous!


Don’t forget to buzz her at 099860 36066

Or email her at  roshnisafir@gmail.com

And to view more of her works, click on her facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/Makeup-by-Roshni-Safir-1486691578251024/

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