Jewels/Accessories must – haves for the Indian Groom - Swati Grover (NIFT)

What? Jewellery for Indian groom? Yes, you may be apprehensive in knowing what I am talking about but jewellery and accessories for an Indian groom are quite a tradition. These jewels were a part of the attire since the ages of Maharajas. And since you are the king at your wedding day why not dress up like one.  We rounded up a list of accessories that you can use to complete your look.

  • Kalgi

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  • The Neckpiece:

Many grooms shy away from wearing a neckpiece, trust me guys if you choose it wisely it adds to the royal king look. You can wear a long layered neckpiece made of pearls or a small one just to grab some attention to it.

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  • The Waistband

Match the waistband with an elegant sherwani! It would give your body a perfect shape to show off.

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  • Brooches

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These need not be worn just on your wedding day; brooches come in handy for various other occasions. It adds a hint of class to your outfit and you can use them later with your suits or bandhgalas. These are made in silver or gold; gemstones and pearls. Sport a small one for an embellished sherwani or one with layered strings on a simple sherwani.


  • Studs

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For those guys with their ears pierced, this one is for you. You can get a pair of pearl or diamond studs to maintain that trendy look.

  • Bracelets

Bracelets have always been one of the accessories that guys like to wear, and can be worn on any occasion casual like a cocktail party or formal like a reception. You can match it with your outfit, it can be in gold or silver and nowadays you can also opt for platinum.

A simple yet elegant looking bracelet like this one would compliment  your formal suit. 

How about a Gold plat ed bracelet for your ring ceremony or Roka? 

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  • Rings

We spotted few rings apart from your wedding band that you can adorn on any occasion you like if you are fond of one.A platinum ring with a small gemstone or an ethnic ring like the one below.

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  • vatsala04/Apr/2016

    great tips for our Grooms!