Lightstrokes Photography bringing us some love-shots, yet again.

Started with a love for moments guzzling with emotions, Lightstrokes Photography is a studio which has mastered in stealing our hearts away with their candid pre wedding/ wedding photography.

Their shots are filled with all things happy. Today, we have curated some of their works, which we hold dear to our hearts.

And, it’s a pleasure to share the love with you. So let’s scroll down and have a look at them.

This bridal portrait of her beauty, her glorious jewelry, those lush lashes fluttering our hearts to bits and that gorgeous smile. The bride is in her jam and Lightstrokes captured it perfectly.

These incredible clicks of the love captured with the backdrop of perfect sunset.

Ah! Two people in love is the best sight that there is. And the talented team of photographers capture the romance in its full swing.

There is a certain grace and simplicity about this shot. The colors, the composition and the opulent style, the entirety of this frame spells Elegance! 

This monochromatic portrait of a lovely bride pulls all the focus to the subtlety of the moment. 

Photographers at Lightstrokes are brilliant and resilient.

And their passion and great talent makes them the top choice to capture your D-Day.

Get in touch with them at 097115 95404

Or, email them at

And to view more of their works, check out their facebook page at 


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