-unlike fashion, a #Realwedding like pure love

When photography is taken as passion and such photographers hit our lists then we are on cloud nine, because then we have so much to share and unfold the amazing talents that are in store with them! Lucky Malhotra is one such talent, a passion driven fashion photographer who made us so fortunate by giving his entry to our catalog. He started off when he was five year old, *awestruck* aren’t you? Yes, he started clicking when he was that a munchkin, and from then the miracles didn’t stop brimming from his camera! Being a core fashion shutter-bug, he also tries his hands on weddings (yes, our favorite topic) though very selective ones as he has a different way of shooting and probably for ones who understands it.

He did an amazing work at this beautiful Telugu wedding of Vamshipriya & Prudhvi, the wonderful couple and even wonderful memories Lucky captured!

All traditions had been captured beautifully and each shot depicts a soulful connection of emotions and the activity happening!

An amazing shot for beautiful bride during her makeup, unlike other lens-men, Lucky had captured it so differently.

All focus on the center of attraction, the bride, making it even more gorgeous! A perfect picture from the ceremony!

Fulfilling all the rituals and had been captured perfectly by Lucky, this picture is our favorite. As the couple ties the eternal knot of being together forever, this moment is frozen forever and ever!

A happy couple, ready for the new beginning of their beautiful and loving journey!

That’s what happens when a pro captures the wedding, the result is not less that a sensation! We loved every shot and we couldn’t stop but looked over and over again to each of the pictures Lucky captured. Do you too want your wedding captures to be different and nothing less than a beautiful fairytale, then go get Lucky’s back!

Have a good day!

You can buzz him on 099450 00119 or mail on luckymalhotra78@gmail.com


Don’t forget to follow him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/luckymalhotraphotography and his instagram page



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Website – www.luckymalhotra.com

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