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The moment Nikki Neeladri entered our bridal list of makeup artists, the list got a boom, due to her impeccable work that she does. So, are you still looking for a makeup artist to adorn you brightly for your wedding? Then you must pause here and let us tell you something amazing that we’ve got here. Let us take you to the recent works that she did for her clients!

Look at the beautiful glance that the bride has on her face, that inner beauty is brimming through her makeup and giving her that bright look!

And she is all ready to pose for her show, as she looks amazing and would weak the knees of her groom!

Another one, the beautiful *pasa* bride looks wonderful with Nikki’s makeup art and poses at her best! Look at the lip shade that shines on her!

We love how elegantly Nikki knows how much to put, neither too heavy nor too low! And it’s just perfect for her for her day!

Nikki gets the best compliments and reviews from her clients as you can see here and they say she is a perfectionist! Isn’t that a great compliment?

So, best reviewed and best complemented Nikki is all set to make you the best of *you*! Don’t forget to get her back this time! Do let us know which one you liked here in the comments below!

May your day shine as bright as your makeup! Kee smiling!

Buzz Nikki for booking her at 098451 22890 or mail her at nikki@nikkineeladri.com and don’t forget to follow her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/makeupbynikkineeladri

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