Be ready to fall head over heels for these beautiful people..

Photographers at Say Cheeze are masters in Candid Wedding and pre wedding photo captures. Few of the weddings they shot, took our breath away. These dreamy pictures of these lovely couples took place in the cradle of the Love. And looking at them we couldn’t help but smile.

The jewel of moments was brought to life by the love and happiness captured from the lens of these ace photographers at Say Cheeze.

Lets scroll through them and be ready to fall head over heels for so much beauty…

Bridal Waltz makes its entrance in our hearts the moment our eyes fixate upon this pretty face.

And now the celebration begins… The guestshaving a super time amongst all the cork popping and pouring.

The beauty of this silhouette of love sparkled like the stars and the bride’s wedding gown looked like clouds floating.

Such a stylish shot of the bridal footwear!!

We know you went weak in your knees going through these pictures. We did too.

So if you want your guests to be drooling over your pre wedding/ wedding pictures, get in touch with Say Cheeze at

Or call them at 02266937914/02266989453/+919820287027

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