-best engagement shots and ideas for you

Amazing photographers from our list of lens men is creating great history and we’re so proud of it! They are doing such awesome job that we couldn’t help but share it with you! Chintan Meghani Photography is our pick for you today and have something wonderful to share this time. They had done an engagement capture for Gunjan & Kruti which is so incredible and adorable! Let’s take a spree!

Have a look at these adorable cuties in love, perfectly captured by Chintan Meghani! 

Apart from capturing people they are master in capturing everything else around as well.

Being the happiest and they just cannot let it off from them and photographers captured it the best they can!

So adorable they are and being loved by all present there at such an auspicious moment and again captured the best way.

She is the cutest bride-to-be and they both are giving major goals to all the couples getting hitched.

So how was it? If you really want such a capture for your day as well, do get Chintan Meghani’s back! For incredible and amazing shots that’ll make your each day a beautiful memory and you’ll remember every bit of it, even the silliest of the times, pull up your socks and book them! Let us know how you liked it in the comments below!

Contact the team at 096199 41106 or email them at  cmeghaniphotography@gmail.com and for more of their works visit their website-  http://www.cmeghaniphotography.com and their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cmeghaniphotography/

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