-magnificent brides and their everlasting magic spread

Every girl dreams of looking magnificent at her big day and that’s something everyone knows. Question is how? There’re so many things to plan out long before your wedding. Choosing an apt makeup artist is one of the tasks. A wrong makeup artist means ruining a part of your life, after all wedding pictures should be beautiful as they are something you’ve to keep forever and memories should be good.  At least you need not to worry about it as long as we’re here to assist your with brilliant makeup artists all in a row, recently what amazed us was the work of our all-time favorite makeup artist Sunitha Behura and we can’t keep but sharing it with you..

Sunitha as we know is a dedicated makeup artist and is a pro in dolling up her clients with best products.

Look at these gorgeous, beautiful eyes, check, beautiful lips, check, beautiful hair, check, going all #winwin for her.

Do you love green? Even if you don’t, we bet you’ll fall for this color seeing this amazing bride for her engagement. That’s what Sunitha does, she makes you fall in love with her art.

We are completely mesmerized with this beauty here, and you’ll love her too! Isn’t she amazing?

Oh! How beautiful she looks for her reception, all ready to rock her day. This look will go for a decent small party as well.

Aren’t these brides going to make your day today? Definitely they will! So good or bad? Its your call, have this makeup artist at your day and make your day the best day of your life. Give your views in the comments below. Don’t forget to book Sunitha  for your big day and you’ll be just a moment away from being super gorgeous!

May your day shine like your makeup! Keep smiling!

Get in touch with the artist at behura.suni@gmail.com

And follow Sunitha’s facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/Makeover-by-Sunitha-Behura-1079898125393642/ and get all the info on the bridal looks done by her.

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